Cycle MOT

We offer cycle MOT services at competitive prices as part of our mobile repairs and workshop servicing across the Vale of Glamgoran.

Regular maintenance followed by periodic cycle MOT checks will keep your bicycle working running smoothly, make it last longer and increase the pleasure you take from cycling.

Maintenance is an important part of owning any bike and regular cycle servicing will ensure you receive years of trouble-free riding reducing the risk of more expensive repairs in the long run.

FREE Cycle M Check

All our cycle servicing starts with a free M Check * comprising a quick but thorough examination of your bicycle so we can identify any major defects requiring attention outside of your normal servicing schedule.

We offer the following 3 types of cycle MOT-type servicing - ranging in price from £30 up to £120 with replacement part charges only added to your bill after your prior agreement:

  • Minor Service - Recommended every 6 to 12 months and suitable for bikes which are in general use and take the occasional daily or weekend trip
  • Main Service - Recommended every 12 months - or earlier depending on mileage - for bikes which are in constant use as part of a daily commute or serious training miles
  • Major Service - Recommended for keen road cyclists, mountain bikers and owners of a classic or restored bicycles

We do not charge for labour for new parts - such as cables, chains or hub bearings - fitted as part of a service and highly recommend every regular cyclist arranges a minor service for their bike every 6 months followed by a thorough main service every 12 months - or 100 hours of cycling.

FREE Collect and Return for Vale of Glamorgan

We also offer a range of other services outside of cycle MOTs and operate a FREE collect and return workshop and mobile repairs service for cyclists within the Vale of Glamorgan.

No job is too big or small - from a puncture repair to damaged frames and fork replacement - we're on hand and on call to meet your bespoke cycling needs and requirements with further details available on our Cycle Services page.

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To book your cycle MOT or for more about our range of cycle services across the Vale of Glamorgan please contact us on 01446 796 959 or 07812 033 064 or via email at

* For your peace of mind - and if you're concerned about any of your bicycle's safety components and operating features - we'll gladly carry out an “M Check” at any time in our workshop in Llantwit Major.